Finding and Raising a Well-Adjusted Dog During COVID-19

Having a new puppy, or dog should be lots of fun!

At a time when we're rethinking almost everything in our lives, Dr. Marty Greer brings you a book that will recalibrate your concept of puppy rearing and dog ownership.

This book will cover the aspects of your puppy's physical and mental well-being, as well as training and veterinary care. With more than how-to advice, Dr. Greer will also explore what owning a puppy means to you and your family from the first day and in the future.

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What the experts are saying:

"Your Pandemic Puppy will help you navigate finding a new puppy, establishing veterinary care, feeding, training, and all the steps of raising your puppy through adolescence. No matter if this is your first or tenth puppy, with the changes of COVID-19, you'll find this book to be thoughtful, meaningful and insightful." - Dr. Marty Becker, Founder of Fear Free

"Dr. Marty Greer has created a timely guide to acquiring, raising, and training a new puppy or dog during COVID-19. Her excellent explanations and suggestions will help you develop a very special human-animal bond." - Dr. Alice Villalobos, President, Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics

"Your Puppy Pandemic would make a great gift or Christmas stocking stuffer for anyone planning to acquire a new puppy or dog. And while its insights and recommendations have special value for people working from home during the pandemic, this handbook would help anyone seeking guidance about how to select, raise, care for and build a life-long bond with a canine companion." - Patti Strand, President, The National Animal Interest Alliance