Take advantage of our microchip special for your pet!

Each year, approximately 10 million pets are lost in the US. We do not want your pet to be one of them!

Come in today and get your pet microchipped for $39.95, which includes registration.

If you are still asking yourself why, here are three great reasons!

  1. If a pet gets lost, a veterinarian or rescue can scan for a registered microchip and help to quickly reunite them with the family.
  2. Proving ownership of a stolen pet is not always easy, especially if measures to conceal identity are taken. Scanning a registered microchip can help ensure that pets are with their rightful owner.
  3. It can act as an alternate form of identification for the owner should something happen while out on an afternoon walk.

Call today and schedule your appointment to get your pet microchipped for $39.95 (with registration)!

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