The Checkout Veterinary Story

Veterinary medicine has provided the same style of patient care for the last 75 years.

The question is why have veterinary clients been subjected to hauling their pets in from the car, across the ice or through sweltering heat, through the doors, across the lobby, and into an exam room where they wait and wait and ……… wait. Clients get bored, their pets get claustrophobic. And they wait some more.

After a while, the veterinary assistant comes in, asks a few questions, and then they wait for the doctor. After that, they wait again for medications and wait to make their payments.

Only to have to go back through the lobby, traverse back across the parking lot, and then load their pets back into their cars.

Is there a better way? Yes, and it IS Checkout Veterinary Care.

What is Checkout Vet? It is a client and pet-centric wellness center for dogs and cats. The focus is convenience, safety, and security as well as reducing patient and client stress and anxiety.

Using our 4 convenient double door garage bays, our patients can hang out in their vehicle with their favorite people. They can have care provided in the vehicle – minivans and SUVs work best. They could have care in the garage bay just outside the vehicle. Or they could have care provided in the exam room adjacent to the garage bay with their vehicle, where clients can observe their care from the vehicle. Alternatively, the client can accompany their pet into a more traditional exam room but keep an eye on their vehicle, making sure the kids or grandma is securely in their own vehicle.

No worries about curbside care and what is going on without you. No worries about where the kids are. No concerns about unfortunate interactions with other pets in the lobby. No boredom looking at the walls while the veterinary staff scurries about getting your vaccines and flea, tick, and heartworm medications ready.

By making an appointment in advance, we know what services you need – these are limited to wellness-only services. This means vaccinations (rabies, distemper, parvo, Lyme disease, kennel cough). It also includes blood and fecal testing. We can offer blood tests at a reference lab approved by your veterinarian if you need pre-op blood work or heartworm and Lyme disease testing. So even if you have a procedure scheduled at another veterinary clinic, we can help by streamlining your pre-op laboratory experience.

What if your pet needs services we don’t offer? We can provide you with an appointment at Natures Preserve Pet Care, 2 miles north on Highway 151 at the Windsor Street (Exit 102) exit. Or we can send your vaccination and lab test results to the veterinarian of your choice.

Gone are the days of waiting in the car for your pet’s care inside the veterinary clinic. Gone are the long waits to get an appointment. Gone are the days of paying high prices for services to support a full-service veterinary hospital when all you need for your pet is a comprehensive physical exam (always included) and the vaccines and tests your pet is due for. No need to cram all your pet’s vaccinations into one office visit. When it is safer to split up vaccinations, this convenient process allows you to easily make more than one visit a year to see a veterinary professional.

Welcome to the innovative and convenient new way for YOUR pets to receive high-quality veterinary care in their own comfortable environment – at your side.