May 7, 2021

Two Wisconsin veterinarians are building what they believe to be the nation’s first drive-through veterinary clinic.

Marty Greer and her husband David Griffiths have been practicing veterinarians for almost 40 years. They’ve spent the last six to seven years planning a drive-through animal wellness clinic.

“It’s exciting and at the same time, it’s nerve-wracking,” Greer said. “You just have to have the guts to say when you're in your 60s that you're going to drop another bunch of money and go for it,” she laughed.

Veterinary visits can be stressful for animals. “It's been obvious to me for my whole career that bringing dogs and cats, dogs in particular, into a facility where they have to cross paths with other dogs, and sit in a room, and then sit in another room, and then be tossed around … it’s just really been difficult psychologically for those dogs,” Greer said.

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