We all know that the pandemic and unending strain of hundreds of thousands of new pets has brought veterinarians and their staff to the breaking point. And we are here to help!

Starting October 20th, join Dr. Greer and Pure Dog Talk for a series of six one-hour first aid courses taught BY Dr. Greer!

What Will Be Covered?

  • What you can do at home
  • What you should have on hand
  • What YOU can do for your dog’s health

Dr. Greer will also discuss how to identify life-threatening emergencies and how to communicate those to your veterinarians.

What First Aid Courses Are Available?

  • What's In Your Kit? | Wed., October 20 • 5:00 PT | 8:00 ET
  • Basic Skills | Wed., October 27 • 5:00 PT | 8:00 ET
  • Managing Trauma | Wed., November 3 • 5:00 PT | 8:00 ET
  • Managing Illness | Wed., November 10 • 5:00 PT | 8:00 ET
  • Do NOT Try This At Home | Wed., November 17 • 5:00 PT | 8:00 ET
  • Repro Emergencies | Wed., November 24 • 5:00 PT | 8:00 ET

How We Are Giving Back!

Pure Talk and Dr. Greer will be doing their part to support all veterinarians by donating 50 percent of the proceeds of these courses to Not One More Vet to support the veterinary professionals who help our pets every day.

About Not One More Vet: Many veterinary professionals are in crisis. NOMV provides the necessary support to all members of veterinary teams and students who are struggling or considering suicide.

Ready To Register? Go here today and sign up for one or ALL of our sessions!

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